Domainer news : “Embargoed Press Release” coverage

Domainer news : “Embargoed Press Release” coverage

Embargoed Press Release.

Dozens of domain investors sworn to secrecy, held onto a

major press release

under the “embargo” clause.

With important

news and statistics

about the domain industry withheld until the

early Monday hours

, we reached out to several domain bloggers to gauge their opinion.


: As always, we received the Press Release under embargo, and will publish it with journalistic accuracy and expert analysis by Ron Jackson, a few minutes after the embargo expires.


: Naturally we received the embargoed Press Release as well. Mike Berkens rarely sleeps and the press release will be posted verbatim a few picoseconds after the embargo ends; one of our associates will follow up with a barrage of tweets about the news.

Domain Name Wire

: It goes without saying that we were sent the Press Release and will absolutely honor the embargo. Our coverage will include a 45 minute podcast and data analysis for at least 50 domains involved, by our expert associates.

Domain Sherpa:

We already have the embargoed press release and have created a 2 hour video with the Sherpas about it. You can either wait until Monday or order the DVD today.

Domain Shane:

I get up at 4:45am every day to run a few miles and I could post some views about the Press Release but I’m busy compiling auction lists and grabbing screenshots of developed domains that sold a year ago so I’ll honor the embargo. Saying hi to my sponsors.

Domain Investing:

The embargoed press release won’t conflict with my biking schedule for Monday, and I expect at least 50 comments in the ensuing discussion.

Frager Factor:

I’ve already gotten the Press Release and hold onto it. I should be able to fit the entire press release in the subject of my post.

Michael Gilmour:

Mate, I’ve traveled 56,000 miles this week alone, to sign copies of my science fiction book, “Domaingeddon” and to blog part 24 of my “Make money with domains without trying at all” series. What press release are we talking about?

Tia Wood:

The Press Release is not about development and I won’t be covering it. But here are 7 tips about improving your press release SEO without breaking a sweat.

Rick Schwartz:

Folks, who cares about embargoed press releases. Numbers don’t lie, and I sold for six figures, despite being retired. Have a great day!

Looking forward to the news! ?

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